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Johannesburg. 12thNov 2015.A student competition has been announced that will see university teams from English-speaking Africa compete to improve the performance of a small building located on South Africa’s most famous street, alsohome to two Nobel Laureates–Archbishop Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

The building is based on the original 1944 design that was used for houses on Vilakazi Street, Orland West, many of whichare still occupied today.This houseis similar to the original Mandela home.


The aim is to provide a competitive forum for student members of the Southern and East African Architectural and EngineeringCommunity. It is expected that tutors of relevant courses in Universities in Africa could use this as part of their teaching material or as a case study in environmental and sustainability building design.

Entries will be judged by a Panel of judges headed up by Dr Dru Crawley and members of IBPSA and the CIBSE Building Simulation Groups. The resultswill be finalised in September2016 and announced at theIBPSA-England Building Simulation and Optimization Conference( 12 Sept 2016 ) andtheawardswill bemade at theSAEE Conference( Nov 2016 ). Details will beposted on the SAEE, IBPSA, SAIEEand CIBSE Websites

  • SAEE-Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency
  • IBPSA-International Building Performance Simulation Association
  • CIBSE-Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers
  • SAIEE-South African Institute of Electrical Engineers

Judging Criteria

Key factors influencing the judges’ decision :-

  • accurate and intelligent use of building simulation
  • most important are the thermaland visual comfortof the occupants
  • indoor air quality criteria must be met( CO2levels or air changes per hour )
  • the simultaneous demand and production of on-site energy ( load matching )

Drawings and partially completed models will be made available to teamsto speed the simulation process and lighten the load. Prizes will be awarded for a range of achievements. The following Software packageswill bemade availablefor use in the competition only after consultationwith the local agents:-BSIMAC,DesignBuilder, and IES VE.

For further informationor to register a team contact :
-Press Liaison –Mike Barker (

For informationon the modelling software contact :-

IES -Jeanne Parker-Weekes (
esignBuilder -Francois Joubert (
BSIMAC -Dr Alec Johannsen (